Interior Design Malaysia Ideas - The Natural Sunlight

Looking for more office interior design ideas and tips? then you at the right place. Office interior design is so crucial to lead your company to a success. it's actually worth consulting experts to obtain this best ideas that fit your office space.

A wisely designed office might cost you a little bit more, however this is a whole lot cheaper than the particular poorly designed ideas. The practical and non-functioning office interior design will waste your productivity time and leads to employee frustration since this can cause execution inefficiency.

Good office interior design solves these types of problems, moreover great office style goes one level further. Giving personnel different environments will boost your team in the productive mode and makes them enthusiastic in work, an outstanding office design may invigorate a labor force.

Smaller sized companies and internet companies might not have the budget in order to consult design companies. The following is 1 of the important highlights for your office interior design ideas to develop a more pleasant office atmosphere.

Utilize natural resources - The sunlight.

Sunlight light is the lot overlooked benefit in office current design, however this must be your major factors in your office layout design

Natural lights from sun provides a lot wider color range which makes this easier for almost all of us to observe details and execute fundamental tasks. There the variety of research showing productivity enhancements if sun light is takes in to the earlier office layout design consideration, particularly within manufacturing area. Furthermore, our eye are made to use the changing amounts of sunlight, inside comparison using the harsh continuous synthetic lighting in workplaces. Sun lighting will reduce vision fatigue and problems with head aches.


To improve the amount of sunlight to reach your internal office, remove solid wall and replace with glass partition for private offices (eg. CEO office, manager room etc) plus benching desks instead than claustrophobic work stations.

Not to forget to provide sufficient walk way between desks. Otherwise, imagine you stay at a house which is right beside the noisy railway station. When staffs lose concentration, you lose productivity.

Nonetheless, you would like to try to acquire a balance among enough space plus managing to develop a "buzz" within your workplace.

Of course you would like to give people the quiet spot in order to work, nevertheless, you also wish to produce a dynamic and enjoyable atmosphere where individuals can interact with each other let the ideas bounce between each other in a barrier free environment. Open concern workplaces literally add value to your organization.

Right Office Design Helps on Cooperate Brand Identity in Malaysia

Office interior holds a large portion of our day-to-day life. If the office design is combined with the brand identity it will create a pleasing ambiance for the employees and the people visiting your office. You can go for creating an office theme with specific interiors according to your company logo and brand.





1. Reception


Reception is the first place seen by the visitors at entrance. The reception area provides a powerful branding opportunity. It will significantly increase the distinction and grandeur of your business. You can hang posters in the reception about your company’s rules and policies. Try to choose furniture and wall colors that gel with your company’s brand and logo.


2. Furnishings


You can match your office furnishings with items that display your brand identity like:



    • Work Desk – You can furnish your work desk with stationeries and accessories that promote the brand of your company. Coffee mugs, pans, folders, letter pads, achievement awards, certificates, etc. are some examples. You can even hang or paste some colorful tag lines of your company to make the workplace lively.


    • Upholstery – Use the curtains and cushions in your office that or either printed with your company name and logo or simply go for colors that blend with the company logo.


  • Furniture – Furniture you choose should be comfortable for the employees. Furniture also displays a company brand if well arranged and designed.


3. Office Decor


Incorporating the office interiors with brand identity will have greater impact on the people visiting your office. Try to use some decorative accessories like:



    • Balloons – Hang balloons specially printed with your company name for branding and promotion in your office space. Make the best use of balloons of all shapes, colors that match your company logo.


    • Posters and Banners - Posters and banners representing company rules and policies can be hung or posted all around the office. You can even opt for art posters in office that can have subjects related to your line of work.


  • Brand Ambassador Photos - A brand ambassador is a walking and talking representative of the product or the brand of a company. Therefore, it will be better to design and decorate your office with photos of your company’s brand ambassador.


4. Choice of Color


Select the color that matches your company logo. This will bring the office ambiance in sync with the line of business operation. For instance, if your company logo is yellow and red, paint one side of the wall with yellow and other with red for contrast effect.

5 Useful tips to Get The Right Office Furniture as part of Interior Design in Malaysia

office-cubicalConsider the Aesthetics

A main consideration while doing up your office interiors would be the choice of right office furniture. It is not only a major investment, but is also instrumental in providing comfortable office needs.


As with everything else, it helps to make a thorough research before indulging in the purchase. This would help you buy the most suitable office furniture, fulfilling your office needs satisfactorily.

partition office space

Consider the Space Available

1. Assess Your Office Needs


Though the basic office needs would be almost same for any office design, there still would be specifications as per the usage, the kind of work done and the overall office interiors. Consider all the factors, as far as possible, before embarking on the best buy.


2. Consider the Office Interiors


The office layout, space available, flexibility in the utility of the items chosen, and the blend of the furniture chosen with the theme of the office interiors, are also important considerations that could have an impact on your decision.


3. Aesthetics of the Office Design


Each field and industry has its own image to be projected through its office design. The office furniture serves to complement the image and helps to impress customers and clients as well.


4. Sizing


The size of desks and chairs are factors to be given a good thought. This, again, depends upon the total space occupied and available for the same; as well as the necessity. If you have space constraints, then go for space-efficient office furniture that will not only save space but money too.


5. Budgetary Considerations


Have a decided budget to be allocated for buying the office furniture and stick to it as much as possible. This avoids excess expenditure for office needs that can be managed for lesser costs.


Manage the best of office furniture for your office interiors, providing a comfortable workspace for your employees, and impressing visitors at the same time!

Interior Design Malaysia - Tips to Designing a Small Meeting Room

Small meeting rooms are a common feature present in most office designs in Malaysia. These are smaller than conference rooms, but are still used for the purpose of meetings. One-on-one meetings, interviews, and small group meetings take place in meeting rooms. These are usually large enough to accommodate 6 to 8 people.

Tips to Designing a Small Meeting Room
1. Meeting Room Furniture
In most cases, meeting rooms are equipped with a round table with 4 to 6 chairs around it. However, you can also include smaller conference room style tables that are rectangular or square in shape. This will be placed at the center of the room.

small-meeting-room-with-rectangular-table 7305

Small meeting room with rectangle table arrangement.

a-small-meeting-room-can-accommodate-6-8-people 7306

Small meeting room with round table that can accomodate 6 - 8 people.

2. Equipment
Most meeting rooms are too small to have any video, audio or communication equipment in them. Moreover, these functions are usually not required for meetings of this scale. However, like in any other conference room, a white board facility should be provided within the meeting room.

3. Lighting
Small meeting rooms are usually around 100 sq ft. Lighting requirements for this room are not very demanding. In case of the inability to provide natural lighting within this room, artificial lighting works just fine. Over head hanging lights are a good option.

4. Doors
Because space is of essence in small meeting rooms, double doors are almost always avoided. Single doors can be placed at one end of the access wall to save space inside the room.

Small meeting rooms should be comfortable without demanding too much space. Therefore, carefully select the meeting room furniture and equipment while planning your office interior design.

Interior Design Malaysia - Dry Kitchen L Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

The key idea behind any modular kitchen will be to make the best use of the kitchen space; however, the L shaped kitchen is the most popular modular kitchen layout that effectively uses your kitchen space. This type of modular kitchen will ideally suit your decor if the kitchen connects with your living room or any other space.

Suitability of L Shaped Kitchen Design
If you are planning for L shaped kitchen layout, you must have ample kitchen space. Small kitchens cannot accommodate this kind of layout. This style always comes with a kitchen island. So, ensure if your space will be ideal for setting up an island, as well.

Kitchen Island Option
When you lack storage options in the L shaped layout, try fixing shelves and other storage options to the kitchen island. Based on your storage requirements, you can choose the island type. If your needs are minimal, you can go for a long and narrow island. If you want more options, try buying a bigger island with multiple storage options.


  • Keeps your kitchen clutter free as there is kitchen island to space out your appliances and fixtures.
  • It can also offer to be a divider for your space
  • Wide ranges of styles and colors are available
  • Maintenance requirements are simple and easy.
  • Multiple work zones are created where more than two persons can work at a time.

The cost of the L shaped modular kitchen design is neither costlier than U shaped layouts nor lesser than the galley kitchen layouts. However, the price will depend on the style factor of the layout you will be choosing. It is cost effective when you get it along with the island as it maximizes the storage options, as well.


L Shaped Kitchen Layout


Kitchen island

Interior Design Malaysia - How to Choose Color Schemes for Kitchen

Colors have their own meanings and can elicit feelings and emotions. Kitchen color schemes play a vital role in your cooking space, as it can affect your mood positively or otherwise. And the food you cook will be highly determined by the mood you are in.

Few tips will help in choosing the right color schemes for your kitchen.

1. Choose According to the Size of Kitchen
Choose the color scheme according to the size of your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen and want to create a spacious look to it, opt for lighter color scheme. Painting large kitchens in warmer colors will make it seem cozy.

2. Pick your Own Styles and Trends
Having a clear idea as to what style and pattern of color schemes you require in your kitchen, will solve half of your problem. Whether you want a colorful, contemporary, or cozy color scheme should be finalized. For example, colors like gold or yellow convey the feeling of coziness.

3. Preferences of All Family Members
Although likes, dislikes and preferences of all the family members are involved in making the decision for the kitchen decorating color scheme, but mostly the person who spends the most time in the kitchen should be the decision maker. This will result in creating a feeling of happiness, warmth and coziness while cooking.

4. Choose the Colors that has a Feeling Of Openness
Choose the same color for the walls of your kitchen and the adjoining rooms in order to create a feeling of openness and improve the flow of your house. Make sure that the colors you choose for your kitchen do not clash with the walls of adjacent rooms.




Interior Design Malaysia - Choosing the Best Colors for your Office Walls

Colors in our office environment can incite both an emotional and physiological response. So, perfect color choices are essential in a small, large or home office. Whatever the work field be, try to choose the colors of your office walls that can stimulate employees performance, relax customers and create a welcoming environment.

Tips to Choose the Best Color for your office interior
1. Color and Mood
Choose the color of the office design according to the mood you want to set in the office.

  • Vibrant red and violet wall colors for motivation and increasing the energy and creativity level
  • Pale blues for calming and soothing effect
  • Yellow and green for creating a cheerful environment

2. Office Function
Choosing the color of wall paints will highly depend on the function of your office.

  • Doctor's Office - Soothing colors to help calm nervous patients
  • Office Cubicle - Bright red, blue and violet for stimulating the employees
  • Child Psychologist's Office - Soft shades of yellow to make the children feel relaxed and positive

3. Personal Preference
Pick the office interiors color that suits your personal taste. For instance, a bright red wall may inspire work for some, and annoy others. Consider slightly different shades that will work for you.

4. Furnishings
Choose the color that gels with your furniture and carpeting. Compare color swatches in each part of the office to make sure it works with the furniture, carpeting, and trimmings.

5. Room Size
Go for color shades for your office walls depending on the size of your office. Both light and dark color shades go well with small offices, but too dark a shade can give a cave-like look to the space. For large offices, vibrant colors will go well.

Interior Design Malaysia - What is Corporate Interior Design

Interior design in Malaysia is very important especially in corporate interior design. Corporate interior design refers to the designing of offices, workplaces, meeting rooms and other spaces inside organizations. Corporate interior design process may involve remodeling floors of prevailing office space or turning empty granaries or offices into well-designed offices. To get more ideas on the corporate interiors you can contact some interior decorators and office interior decorators.

Corporate interior design in Malaysia includes the planning, implementation and completion of all these tasks.

1. Flooring
Carpeting or flooring needs to be installed to enhance the corporate interior designs. It is better to choose a flooring type, which imparts elegant looks and is durable too.

2. Space Utilization
Proper utilization of space is essential for planning corporate interior design. It may include the fitting of architectural facts to suit the office interiors according to your preference

3. Color Theme and Decoration
You can set a color theme to your corporate interiors. You can either select a single color theme and choose all the furniture and upholstery in the same color; or choose two- layered color for walls and furniture. Company colors or color palettes that suit the type of organization can be employed in corporate interior design. The color should always reflect an organization’s unique style.

4. Furniture
Proper office furniture layout is essential for boosting the corporate interior design. For example, meeting room has to accommodate many people, so a large wooden table with chairs around is essential. Many designer furniture types are available in the market like traditional furniture made of natural wood or a country design style that can provide a warm and comfortable ambiance to office interiors.

5. Proper Room Allocation
A corporate interior design is effective only if there is proper allocation of meeting rooms, manager’s room, training room, workflow area, etc.

6. Proper Storage Area
Storage cabinets are essential in any corporate design since storage is needed for audio-visual equipment and for storing important documents and files. If proper storage is provided to each employee, it will help the employees to keep their desks clutter free.

7. Lighting
Lighting is one of the most essential specifications in corporate interior design since diverse rooms may require different types and intensities of light. Accurate lighting brings a high-tech, professional look to the office space. Lighting accelerates the positive energy that already exists in the office ambience and allows the employees to concentrate on their work better.

Just follow these simple steps, which will help you in creating a corporate interior design in an apt and easy manner.

How to Arrange a Office Reception Area with Limited Space

The reception area is one of the most important parts of your office interior design. The reception desk communicates to your clients several key things about your business: your values, your culture, and your commitment to professionalism. A poorly arranged work reception area will subtly tell your clients that you don't care about how you present yourself to the world. If you have very little office space, it can be hard to arrange a work reception area. Doing so will require that you economize your space.




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